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Example of Alto ERP functionality

Preparing a new sales proposal?
Do it in Alto ERP system!

Create sales proposals, edit and confirm cost estimations, keep a track of your sales, analyze them and repeat your best sales practices!

Yes! You have won the tender!

Great! Generate a new project by changing the  inquiry status, add the responsible employees to the project  and get on with the execution process -all relevant information from sales is already waiting for project team to be used and updated along the way.

Engineers are starting to design the project elements

Oversee the status of elements, easily access the relevant information about
elements and start to plan the production and assembly.

Element production has started

See the necessary day-to-day precast supplies list and print out drawing files and detail
list for each day, element and production line.

It’s time to deliver elements to the construction site!

Use Alto ERP automatization tools to ease logistics planning process – automatic delivery order aggregation, shipment volume estimation, CMR and packaging list generation and other tools that work in your favor.

Quality control throughout all processes

Track the element quality throughout all processes. In case of complaints track down the cause and origin, share responsibilities and financial resources between responsible departments.

Getting ready for element production

Plan element production based on fully designed element list and assembly plan. Set a production plan for each manufacturing team and estimate the production time for each element.

Let ’s start the assembly!

Start planning your assembly process intuitively, by using list or 3D model and set the individual work plans for your assembly teams.

Project is completed

All your data will be stored in Alto ERP cloud-based system, waiting for your team to analyze it, look back at and take lessons for your next great project.