Every project and partner, every structure, task and detail –
everything your team needs to know and do – in a single platform.


  • – Document and track sales proposals
  • – Analyse, improve and repeat your best sales practices
  • – Configurable product/service/pricing options
  • – Track your sales-team performance


  • – Upload project elements from designing software (Tekla Structures, Revit, etc.) or Excel
  • – Track element life-cycle status via colour code
  • – Access all relevant element information (dimensions, drawing files, in-cast detail list, etc.) within a couple of clicks
  • – Plan production, delivery and assembly based on element status



  • – Check necessary and available stock
  • – Generate purchase orders and track their status with ease


  • -Store, track and distribute elements on as-needed basis
  • Oversee your stocks and element location in the warehouse
  • – Place orders for necessary goods and track their status with a few clicks





  • – Accurately plan team workload and improve factory efficiency by using automatic element production time estimation.
  • – Forecast and proactively address potential bottle-necks and deviations from the plan.
  • – Manage and optimize your finished-goods and raw material warehouse.
  • – Configurable automatic worker pay generator.
  • – View or print out drawing files and detail lists for each day, element or production line.


  • –  Integrate external partners, oversee order progress and enjoy seamless communication and data exchange.


Oversee, track and analyse all deliveries, automatically generate transportation documents and decrease costs through better transport utilisation.

  • -Transport order form, CMR report and packing list generation
  • -Automatic delivery order aggregation from other modules
  • – Automatic shipment volume estimation
  • – Multiple shipping option and delivery phase support



Plan intuitively, execute precisely and on time.

  • – Plan using 3D BIM model or list/calendar view
  • – Access element data, track element life-cycle and delivery status
  • – Set individual work plans for each assembly team
  • – Forecast and proactively address potential bottle-necks and deviations from the plan


  • – Oversee and resolve all the complaints regarding the project
  • – Track down the cause and origin of the complaint
  • – Determine the department responsible for the complaint and set the financial losses
  • – Find and analyse the weak links in your company

Project management

  • – Multi-structure support
  • – Oversee progress and access main information about each project and sub-project
  • – Save time on report generation with automatic project progress reporting
  • – See all the planned deliveries, orders, tasks etc. via the project events calendar
  • – Upload project documentation